Peter Svensson - Heldentenor  
  H O M E - E N G L I S H 20.06.2024 09:27 (UTC)

" His Heldentenor voice never loos
es its flexibility and, let´s say,
the beauty of the bel canto " 
                                                       Vittorio Mascherpa, operaclick 2012

      TANNHÄUSER  99x,   Jung-SIEGFRIED  58x,  BACCHUS  52x  
                                               ... and many more


                                          Peter  Svensson  June 2014

Peter Svensson, one of the most reliable and sought after "true" heldentenors of our time, after almost three years of absence from stage (with hard rehabilitation training after an accident) had his highly acclaimed comeback in march 2011 as SIEGFRIED 

Since then he has sung, among others, LOHENGRIN (Asuncion, Zagreb), PETER GRIMES (Las Palmas), the KING KANDAULES in Palermo, there aswell in march 2013 SIEGMUND, and just recently ERIK in Bejing, TANNHÄUSER in Kopenhagen
and TRISTAN (Germany and Romania). Future plans are including contracts in the renommated opera theatres around the globe. Now again future plans until 2017

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